There is a lot of talk these days about energy efficient homes. As the world evolves at a horrifying rate and the damage done to the earth we inhabit becomes clearer, emphasis is placed heavily on 'energy saving'.

What are the benefits of energy saving & conservation?

Energy saving and conservation doesn't just save the innocent looking polar cubs on the WWF adverts.  You'll be glad to hear energy-efficient homes are a cost effective alternative to the traditional home. This means an increased market value if you're looking to sell or a more affordable environment for the homeowner looking to occupy the property, making 'going green' advantageous to everyone involved.

Making energy saving improvements to your property could increase its value by 14 per cent on average - and up to 38 per cent in some parts of England - new research released today by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) reveals.

With years of experience and as a qualified Thermographer Robert can audit your home and recommend a whole range of money-saving options. We're committed to providing sound advice for our clients to reduce the risk of poor investments and save money with both long and short term solutions. Here are a few things that can be implemented to help energy saving:

  • Modern heating techniques and controls - high efficiency boilers, thermostats and timers.
  • Insulating walls internally and externally.
  • Energy efficient windows.
  • Insulate ground floors.
  • Loft insulation.
  • Air tightness and draft proofing.
  • Improving thermal mass.

Our services include:

  • Energy conservation audit
  • Insulation inspections and proposals
  • Thermology surveys
  • Repairs and recommendations and improvements

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Federation of Master Builders; CoRE; Approved Which Trader; ITC; The Green Register; The Retrofit Academy