Why you need our help when buying a house...

Property Investment can yield lucrative returns - but not always. A poorly-constructed or damp-infested house may eat up more in costs than you can hope to achieve as a return. Another building may be difficult to improve or extend for a variety of legal or compliance reasons. It's important to understand that, although property investment can be lucrative, it certainly isn't 'easy money'.   More and more often Robert is receiving requests from client's to come and inspect a property prior to them buying it, especially if the initial survey highighted damp issues. For a small fee Robert will come out and inspect the property, provide a full written report, written specification of remedial repairs needed and costings. Robert's reports have been extremely invaluable to some clients preventing them from making a costly mistake and for others it has given them the confidence to go ahead with the purchase.

However, whatever the condition of the property or circumstances surrounding it, you will usually have options and Tiffin can tell you what they are.

If you just need to stay well away we’ll tell you, but there are often alternative ways to achieve your goal.

Once you’ve decided on the best course of action we can help you carry it through to completion.


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