Property Maintenance & Repairs

Property Maintenance and Repairs Equals Property Longevity

When it comes to property maintenance, there could not be a more apt saying than ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Regular maintenance is simply the most cost-effective way to look after your property. By resolving small issues at an early stage, before they become big problems, can and will save you thousands of pounds on major repair works later on, as well as achieving the best value when selling your property.

If you own an older property, it a good idea to have your property inspected by a professional about every five years and any potential issues remedied immediately. The age of the property, its location and susceptibility to prevailing weather conditions will be the main determining factors in how often you should inspect your property and for maintenance to take place. Tiffin can help you determine that too.

Property Maintenance – How we can help you

You may notice repair and maintenance issues on your property that need addressing both externally and internally. More often than not, our client’s detect internal defects in their property, such as the appearance of damp, which is a sure sign that your property probably has external problems. At this stage, we find people are usually not quite sure what to do next. This is where we can help you! Give us a call, and we will carry out a full inspection of these areas and send you an estimate. Our team is fully equipped and experienced to carry out all the repair works.

Alternatively, you may be short on time and require a full survey. For a reasonable survey fee, we can undertake a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report noting any issues, giving advice and a quotation to rectify the problems. We can also examine those harder to reach areas, and thanks to our expertise, identify any potential issue straight away.

When we look at repair and maintenance issues, these are the areas where we can assist you:

  • Chimney pots
  • Flaunching
  • Brick pointing
  • Repointing & replacement of hip and ridge tiles
  • Lead flashing soakers, aprons & collars
  • Moss & algae damage
  • Roof ventilation
  • Rainwater systems – gutters, downpipes & gullies
  • Soffit, fascia barge boards
  • Tile, slate and flat roof defects
  • Joinery issues
  • Rendering
  • Ground maintenance

Our checklist for you for property maintenance and repairs by month

  1. Electrical systems must be checked by a qualified person at least once every five years.
  2. Smoke alarms should be regularly tested and cleaned. Remember to replace the batteries!
  3. Parapet and valley gutters need to be cleared of snow to prevent meltwater rising above them and causing damp internally. In icy conditions use extra caution.
  1. Clear any snow as in January!
  2. Check that your chimneys and roofs are bird-proof before the nesting season commences.
  1. Check that the eaves, gutters and downpipes are not damaged by frost. Look for cracks and leaks in the rainwater goods.
  2. Clear any snow as in January and February! 
  1. Check the roofs for frost, snow and wind damage. Debris on the ground from broken slates and tiles indicates that there may be a problem.
  2. Check for splits and cracks in areas of the flat or sloping sheet roofing.
  3. Inspect lead flashings and mortar fillets at chimneys for signs of decay. Problems will include holes or splits in leadwork and erosion of mortar fillets.
  4. Clear the gutters as March!
  5. Cast iron gutters may also require repainting.
  1. Check those gutters! Gulleys beneath rainwater pipes should be cleaned out regularly and drains rodded out if they overflow during wet weather. Remove silt and debris and ensure water discharges freely.
  2. Make sure that windows and ventilators are in good order so that the building can be ventilated on dry days during the summer months. Lubricate door and window ironmongery and check security locks.
  3. Have the boiler serviced. Make sure that the frost thermostat is operational. Bleed radiators if necessary.
  4. Clear away any plant growth from around the base of the walls and in particular from the drainage channel.
  1. Inspect all windows: check the glazing, putty and lead for signs of damage.
  2. Check timberwork for signs of rot including less accessible areas such as floor and roof voids, under stairs and cupboards.
  3. Clear any dirt from condensation drainage channels and holes at the base of windows.
  1. Look at timber windows, doors, fascia and bargeboards. Check for cracked and rotten wood. Redecoration may be required.
  2. Clear that plant growth!
  1. Take the month off!
  1. Make sure that any airbricks or underfloor ventilators are free from obstruction and clean if necessary.
  2. Ensure water tanks and exposed water and heating pipes are protected from the front. Repair any leaks.
  3. If the roof space has safe access and is boarded, and check if there is evidence of any leaks or damage to the roof covering during heavy rain, especially below gutters.
  4. Clear that plant growth!
  1. Check masonry for signs of damage. If evident get it fixed before winter!
  2. Clear those gutters!
  3. Check the roof for any damaged or missing slates or tiles.
  1. Clear those gutters!
  1. Clear any snow!
  2. Clear those gutters!

Replaced Garage

Robert and the team replaced my old garage (with an asbestos roof) with a very nice larger garage. Everything was done when they said it would be. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely use Tiffin again.

Barbara, Hertfordshire

Highly Recommended

Robert Tiffin successfully diagnosed and treated the increasing damp in the cellar of our old house, something several previous firms had failed to do. He was professional and efficient and provided an excellent report.

Susan, Middlesex

Excellent Work

Tiffin handled all the aspects of the job really well, keeping us informed and sourcing high quality materials. They did a good job of organising all the various trades to do their parts in an efficient manner.

Matt P, Buckinghamshire

Professional and polite service, fair and reasonable price

The “Tiffin difference” was immediately noticeable. We were left with a strong sense that Robert and the team were professional and reliable in their approach. We will be using Tiffin for our next project.

Craig R, Hertfordshire

Unhesitatingly Recommended

Robert Tiffin is helpful and professional. His advice is sound and he will save you money where he can. Not surprisingly, the people he employs are also hard working and professional. Schedules are maintained and when work is completed everywhere is left clean and tidy. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

John D, Buckinghamshire


Excellent advice on cause of damp in converted block of flats and successful repairs too. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of causes of building failure and damage and reinstatement for insurance purposes too. Highly recommended.

Steven Lazarus, London

Professional firm with high standards

Eco Tiffin sorted out my damp problem in an outbuilding, insulated and decorated it, turning it into a pleasant and very usable storeroom. Their knowledge and experience inspired confidence, and I felt that I was given honest advice about the most sensible way to pursue this project, without wasting money unnecessarily.

Neena Bush, Hertfordshire

WHICH Trusted Trader

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