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Climate change is a hot topic today. We cannot deny the changes that are happening around us, and we all need to do our bit to help decarbonise the planet. There are many producers of carbon with farming and transport being significant contributors, but our homes are also one of the biggest.

As inhabitants of this world, we believe we need to look closely at our homes and lifestyle to see what we can do to cut our carbon footprint. When examining our homes, the emphasis is on ‘energy-saving’ and making simple, and some more substantial changes will help decrease the carbon and reduce our energy bills. It’s time to think ‘green and clean’…

With our experience and as a qualified Thermographer and Retrofit Coordinator, Eco Tiffin can assess your home and recommend energy- and money-saving options, improving your home’s comfy factor. We’re committed to providing sound advice for our clients to reduce the risk of poor investments and save money with both long- and short-term solutions. Here are a few things that can be implemented to help energy saving:

  • Airtightness and draught proofing
  • Modern heating techniques and controls – high-efficiency boilers, thermostats and timers.
  • Modern double / triple glazed windows
  • Window films
  • Insulating walls externally or internally
  • Insulating floors (especially ground floor and forgotten)
  • Loft insulation
  • Eaves insulation

Our energy-saving assessments are the perfect start to enlighten you as to what is possible with your home. We can give you calculated before and after savings if requested to show you what is achievable with the retrofit measures to your home. A practical approach addresses all aspects of energy loss, including thermal bridges and airtightness yet ensures ventilation is present and controlled.

Replaced Garage

Robert and the team replaced my old garage (with an asbestos roof) with a very nice larger garage. Everything was done when they said it would be. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely use Tiffin again.

Barbara, Hertfordshire

Highly Recommended

Robert Tiffin successfully diagnosed and treated the increasing damp in the cellar of our old house, something several previous firms had failed to do. He was professional and efficient and provided an excellent report.

Susan, Middlesex

Excellent Work

Tiffin handled all the aspects of the job really well, keeping us informed and sourcing high quality materials. They did a good job of organising all the various trades to do their parts in an efficient manner.

Matt P, Buckinghamshire

Professional and polite service, fair and reasonable price

The “Tiffin difference” was immediately noticeable. We were left with a strong sense that Robert and the team were professional and reliable in their approach. We will be using Tiffin for our next project.

Craig R, Hertfordshire

Unhesitatingly Recommended

Robert Tiffin is helpful and professional. His advice is sound and he will save you money where he can. Not surprisingly, the people he employs are also hard working and professional. Schedules are maintained and when work is completed everywhere is left clean and tidy. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

John D, Buckinghamshire


Excellent advice on cause of damp in converted block of flats and successful repairs too. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of causes of building failure and damage and reinstatement for insurance purposes too. Highly recommended.

Steven Lazarus, London

Professional firm with high standards

Eco Tiffin sorted out my damp problem in an outbuilding, insulated and decorated it, turning it into a pleasant and very usable storeroom. Their knowledge and experience inspired confidence, and I felt that I was given honest advice about the most sensible way to pursue this project, without wasting money unnecessarily.

Neena Bush, Hertfordshire

WHICH Trusted Trader

To see more reviews on Eco Tiffin Ltd please see our WHICH Trusted Trader profile

Where thermography comes in….


Thermography is used to identify thermal defects in buildings by measuring and recording the reflected energy of an object or area. These thermal images accurately detect problems by relying on reflected heat. The coldest temperatures will appear as black/dark blue images and range up to red / White for the warmest temperature.


In this process, we determine the areas of heat loss, building defects and anomalies in building structures, which in turn enables homeowners to avoid the sometimes-costly expense of invasive and destructive measures. We effectively allow the homeowner to have a more detailed insight into the property in which they plan to invest. This practice has proven highly successful in old and listed buildings to help identify adaptions and alterations.


Our focus is to improve and maximise the thermal qualities of the whole structure. This takes into account the age, condition, usage, the status of the property (example listed) and particularly the clients long- and short-term goals. There are also substantial added value benefits, which are:


  • Identify long and short-term maintenance issues
  • Improve ventilation
  • Improve health conditions, allergy-free (fungi and moulds associated with damp and condensation)
  • Improved comfort
  • Change habits
  • Save money
  • Helping the war on climate change

If you’d like a home energy survey on your property, please call us to discuss your requirements and the most suitable type of assessment to suit your needs.

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