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Now imagine this situation. On your return home, you discover a water leak, the kitchen floor is flooded or even worse, the upstairs bathroom causing the ceiling to collapse. It is everyone’s worst nightmare. Once over the shock, you need to deal with it and know whom to call and what to do.

Frequently when we do call our insurance company, the last thing they seem to want to do is help. Instead, it feels like they try to dodge responsibility or make unrealistic offers to get your home fixed; after all, they are commercial investment companies. As most of us will never have been in such a situation before, it’s not surprising that we don’t know what to do or where we stand.

Thankfully, here at Eco Tiffin, we have the right advice for you

Robert has had plenty of experience with such home insurance claims, and he has an excellent track record of helping clients to achieve their rightful claim. You’d be surprised at the number of calls we receive from worried clients informed by their insurance company that they are not covered. Eco Tiffin has helped turn around all sorts of claims and not just the clear-cut water leaks. We have dealt with complicated issues such as dry rot and structural failures and fought the case for months to win, in turn, saving enormous sums of money. With the help of our thermography qualifications, we can use the thermal camera to identify any hidden water leaks and other anomalies to prove the case to the insurance company.

Why get Eco Tiffin Involved?

We can manage the whole process with the insurance company and see the work through from start to completion. We have experience in dealing with all types of property claims and can help restore your property to its former glory. The fact that our team can carry out the work too means your home will not get passed from one company to another.

As we have the experience and knowledge, we can help assist you from the start and provide the professional and essential advice to support you when the insurance company denies liability. We’ll be there, ensuring the correct process for the most stress-free experience possible.

Call us today to arrange an appointment so we can assess the work involved.

The process:

  • Take site photographs and videos – this is important evidence.
  • Call the insurance company and notify them of fire, leak, etc., by phone and follow it up with a confirmation email.
  • Note the time and date of any phone calls, including the name of the person you contacted.
  • Proper assessment: a full in-depth analysis of what has caused the problem.
  • Keep the insurance company informed and comply with their requests as soon as possible.
  • Undertake any trace and access works to establish causation, the future course of action as well as trying to mitigate one’s losses as fast as possible.
  • Ask the insurance company to appoint a chartered loss adjuster and confirm in writing as soon as possible.
  • Obtain quotations relating to remedial repairs and reinstatement in the form of a full schedule of works. You will likely need to appoint your surveyor to do this (any professional costs are covered by insurance if the claim is successful). These reports can then be submitted to the appointed chartered loss adjuster.
  • In quotations, sometimes the exact extent of the works is not clear for many different reasons, so provisional sums or contingencies must be allowed.
  • The insurance company may wish to appoint a structural engineer or another independent professional to concur or disagree as to cost. Check whether the terms and conditions of the policy cover this.
  • Depending on the incident, alternative accommodation might be required. Insurance companies are generally helpful in these situations.
  • Agree on the program to carry out the works

However, never, never
Exaggerate or be dishonest in the circumstances, events and type of losses.

Replaced Garage

Robert and the team replaced my old garage (with an asbestos roof) with a very nice larger garage. Everything was done when they said it would be. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely use Tiffin again.

Barbara, Hertfordshire

Highly Recommended

Robert Tiffin successfully diagnosed and treated the increasing damp in the cellar of our old house, something several previous firms had failed to do. He was professional and efficient and provided an excellent report.

Susan, Middlesex

Excellent Work

Tiffin handled all the aspects of the job really well, keeping us informed and sourcing high quality materials. They did a good job of organising all the various trades to do their parts in an efficient manner.

Matt P, Buckinghamshire

Professional and polite service, fair and reasonable price

The “Tiffin difference” was immediately noticeable. We were left with a strong sense that Robert and the team were professional and reliable in their approach. We will be using Tiffin for our next project.

Craig R, Hertfordshire

Unhesitatingly Recommended

Robert Tiffin is helpful and professional. His advice is sound and he will save you money where he can. Not surprisingly, the people he employs are also hard working and professional. Schedules are maintained and when work is completed everywhere is left clean and tidy. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

John D, Buckinghamshire


Excellent advice on cause of damp in converted block of flats and successful repairs too. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of causes of building failure and damage and reinstatement for insurance purposes too. Highly recommended.

Steven Lazarus, London

Professional firm with high standards

Eco Tiffin sorted out my damp problem in an outbuilding, insulated and decorated it, turning it into a pleasant and very usable storeroom. Their knowledge and experience inspired confidence, and I felt that I was given honest advice about the most sensible way to pursue this project, without wasting money unnecessarily.

Neena Bush, Hertfordshire

WHICH Trusted Trader

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