Water leak – Insurance Claim – Buckinghamshire

Project outline

Image of the work being done due to a water leak - www.ecotiffin.co.ukThe client contacted us one morning having checked on her daughter’s cottage whilst she was away. To their shock, there had been a huge water leak from the upstairs bathroom causing horrific damage to the whole downstairs of the property. The main pipe had split and had been flowing for a minimum of 4 days. They estimated 40,000 litres of water had soaked into the oversite.

It was a sorry sight with the carpets saturated, high watermarks all over the downstairs wall with the paintwork bubbling and peeling where the water had poured down the walls. It was the first time that Robert had seen Carlite plaster as thick silt on the floor that had been simply washed off the walls by the constantly flowing water. There was water everywhere.

What we did

Our team went straight over to the property and took site photographs for the insurance company before settling in to sweep out the excess water. The property needed drying urgently but before all this could be done the downstairs needed to be completely stripped and the electrics isolated for safety. The damaged and waterlogged kitchen was ripped out, along with the carpets and other floor coverings. The furniture was removed, much of it ruined.

Image of the damage by a water leak - www.ecotiffin.co.uk

Drying Out

The client informed the insurance company. And we installed dehumidifiers to dry the property out. The plaster on the walls needed hacking off in the worse affected areas so the brickwork had a chance to dry out. It took 6 weeks.


Eventually, the property was dry enough to refurbish and bring it back to its former glory. The walls were re-plastered, electricians came in to rewire the cottage, the floor needed new screed from where it has been broken up to help the drying process, this involved the installation of a complete new damp proof membrane throughout.

Image of a modern kitchen - www.ecotiffin.co.uk
A new kitchen was installed and finally, the house repainted. It was a lengthy process but one that was thankfully for the client covered for by the insurance company, where the staff were helpful and constructive throughout the project. The photos show the utter devastation that was caused by the leak.

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