Our Guide To – Diagnosing The Causes Of Dampness, Its effects & Remedial Repairs 

Damp houses can be unhealthy and costly to remedy. Knowing why the damp is there and what to do next will reduce the worry and long term expense.


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Discover why ‘Damp’ is the most common problem that damages your home and affects your health:

Damp is the most common problem to affect the home, and it is important to understand that if it is not taken care of, it can cause major damage to your property. Our detailed guide looks at the main causes of damp and, more importantly, how to combat them.

  • DAMPNESS:  Now that you are home 24/7 it is critical to AVOID the build-up of moisture that leads to unhealthy mould. We as humans create a lot of moisture in the air we breathe and we create even more moisture when cooking, cleaning, washing and bathing. It is vital to think about ventilation and heating when carrying out these everyday tasks and consider where the moisture is going.
  • BUILDING DEFECTS: When looking at damp and mould in your property you need to consider all aspects; internal, external and even poor design. Learn how insulation, heating, ventilation, usage, occupancy and maintaining your building can save money and your health.
  • ASSESSMENT: If you can see signs of dampness or evidence of mould, you need to take action now.  Discover how to assess your home and what steps to take.