A Long History Of House Renovations and Building Services

You’ve probably noticed, Tiffin have been around a very long time. During that time, we’ve learnt a few things too; not just about how to build homes - lots of companies do that, but specifically how to protect them through house renovation or refurbishment, improve their insulation properties and generally make them a whole lot better.

You probably live in an older property in need of house renovation

Property Improvement Services

It’s a fact; 35% of all terrace homes were built before 1919. 59% of semi-detached homes were built between 1919 and 1964. 27% of detached homes built between 1965 and 1980, 27% of flats were built in that period too.

The country’s housing stock is ageing and most have seen some form of improvement over their life time.  That said, there are still many unseen forces at work, that can jeopardise the structure, efficiency and comfort a home provides.

As technologies and materials improve, companies like Tiffin can help extend the life of a property by identifying hidden problems before they become an issue, and improve the levels of comfort they provide, while retaining all the character and charm they may possess.

We also skilled specialists in house renovation and home refurbishment projects. Whatever the size of the project, we have a team to can fulfil your design ideas or assist you in creating the utility space in your home you’ve always wanted.

In view of this, our services are developed around three key areas home owners seek most answers to:

  • EFFICIENCY – Keeping a house warm and dry
  • INTEGRITY – Making sure nothing is slowly undermining the building’s structure
  • MODERNISATION – Up dating and refurbishing homes, house renovation, through the latest use of space, light, technology, fixtures and fittings.

Why not call Tiffin today and talk to our experienced consultants about our house renovation and improvement services.

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