Property Maintenance and Repairs Equals Property Longevity

When it comes to Property maintenance there could not be a more apt saying than "Prevention is better than cure". Regular maintenance is simply the most cost-effective way to look after your property. By resolving those small issues at an early stage before they become big problems, can and will save you thousands of pounds on major repair works later on.

If you own an older property you really should aim to have your property inspected a maximum of every five years. If you notice issues developing then you should step on this immediately. The age of the property, its location and susceptibility to prevailing weather conditions will be the main determining factors in how often you should inspect your property and for maintenance to take place. Tiffin can help you determine that to.

Property Maintenance – How we can help you…

You may notice repair and maintenance issues on your property that need to be addressed both externally and internally. More often than not our client’s detect internal defects in their property such as damp appearing which is a sure sign that your property probably has external defects. At this stage we find people aren’t quite sure what to do next. This is where we can help you! Give us a call and we will carry out a full inspection of these areas and afterwards you will receive an estimate. Our team is fully equipped and experienced to carry out all the repair works.

Alternatively you maybe short on time and require a full survey to be carried out. For a reasonable survey fee we can carry out a full inspection and provide a detailed report noting any issues, giving advice and a quotation to rectify the problems. With the aid of a ladder we can take a look at those harder to reach areas, furthermore thanks to our expertise we’ll spot a potential issue straight away.

When we look at repair and maintenance issues these are the areas we can help you with:

• Chimney pots
• Flaunching
• Brick pointing
• Re pointing & replacement of hip and ridge tiles
• Lead flashing soakers, aprons & collars
• Moss, & algae damage
• Roof ventilation
• Rainwater systems – gutters, downpipes & gullies
• Soffit, fascia barge boards
• Tile, slate and flat roof defects
• Joinery issues
• Rendering
• Ground maintenance

Proud Members of

Federation of Master Builders; CoRE; Approved Which Trader; ITC; The Green Register; The Retrofit Academy