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David Munns OBE – Hertfordshire / London – March 2018

I have known Robert Tiffin for 40 years or so and his company has done a lot of work for me during that time.

In 1984 I bought a semi-derelict listed house in Rickmansworth. It needed a complete refurbishment including a large outbreak of dry-rot and various damp and woodworm problems. Tiffins carried out all the specialist work (I did a lot of the standard stuff myself due to limited funds) and this work was carried out well and there has ben no recurring problems. It is a very old building and quite delicate and so there have been other problems over the years (particularly with damp issues) and Tiffins has also remedied all these very well. In 2013 Tiffins demolished the garage and built a new, bigger building that complied with Listed issues, Conservation area and so on. The work was high quality.

I also own a building in Holland Park and recently there was a very bad outbreak of dry rot. The building is approx 100 years old and the rot was quite bad covering the whole of the front wall. The ground floor is a commercial office with approx 16 people working in it. They had to be happy and I didn’t want them to move out while the work was carried out. Tiffins developed a plan that involved a false (external) wall across and inside the front wall which allowed the tenant to carry on working while the work was carried out. After some issues with scheduling the work at short notice the repairs were carried out very well and my tenants didn’t complain!

Roberts advice on how to present the problem to my insurance company also resulted in a successful insurance claim.
Robert and Tiffins people are very good a identifying the problems with buildings (often the problem with this kind of work is working out what the real problem is in the first place) and I have never known him to get it wrong.

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