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Mr R Hills – London – 2015 & 2016

I thought “What fools” – but I was wrong

“I first came across Tiffin’s after I had written to about 2 or 3 dozen firms to tender for a building project for my small restaurant. As soon as I looked at their reply I thought to myself “They won’t get it, they’ve put 1695 instead of 1965″ I was wrong in so many ways… Tiffin’s were successful in winning that contract. Part of the reason for our decision was the courtesy, co-operation, flexibility, cleanliness and tidiness of Tiffin’s staff: this meant we could continue serving our customers whilst the building work was progressing But Tiffin’s really outstanding qualities did not surface until the project started going wrong. As so often happens with building works to period properties, a problem was uncovered after the work had started. In our case, a severe structural fault was uncovered that required immediate attention Tiffin’s did not make a drama out of a crisis. First, they took quick, calm, expert action to make everything safe. Then, with their professionalism and centuries of experience, they had their own indemnity and were able to help us present evidence in such a specialised way that it was easy to receive full funding from our own insurers. The project was therefore completed on time and within the original budget, what was even more important for us was the fact that we did not suffer any loss of sales or damage to our reputation: despite the major unplanned structural works, we could continue serving our customers throughout the project.”

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