Does your body feel comfortable but your feet cold? Ground floor insulation is an often overlooked area for draughts and heat loss and there are many useful solutions available. Thermal imaging again is an invaluable tool.

Windows and doors

Draughts can be eliminated completely with good quality products. There are many ways to do this without incurring great expense. Again thermal imaging assists a great deal in this area.


Make a point of taking a look at your home’s exterior occasionally. Defective gutters and downpipes can cause dry and wet rot, both of which are very expensive to repair. Wet walls also lead to cooler internal surfaces and higher bills. We provide a unique service...


Before doing anything else change to energy saving bulbs and install an energy monitor. If possible, put the monitor in the entrance hall so you’ll see it as you enter and leave, making you more aware of your everyday energy usage. This has the quickest pay back to...