Read your meters. If you don’t know where they are or how to do it, seek advice.


Check out the cheapest fuel for a particular task. For example, electricity could be a much better way to heat summer hot water than keeping the boiler chuntering away depending on occupancy.

Central heating

Bring your existing control system up-to-date. Install thermostatic valves and zone valves. Fit clever ancillaries to keep lime scale to a minimum, such as magnetite filters which remove iron ferrites and reduce electrolytic action. This can save as much as 20% on...

Heat recovery units

These can be great cost savers and are also useful for controlling condensation. Units can service one room or the whole house. Some units boast up to 90% recovery!


Thoroughly insulate the loft. Avoid the cheapest option because you’ll get exactly what you pay for. Also, consider how you’re using your loft and whether you will be over boarding.

Ceiling fans

These can keep air moving and distribute heat evenly. Leave them on a slow moving setting. They can be effective though some people think they’re ugly.