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Read your meters. If you don’t know how, learn. All energy providers have websites to help ( They are independent). Find the cheapest fuel to do a particular task like electricity for summer hot water instead of keeping that old boiler chuntering away and don’t forget the timer.

Thoroughly insulate. There are lots of different makes so do your homework. Don’t forget pipes and tank. Use quality pipe insulation and fit it properly. Also consider what you are using your loft for. If you are over boarding then a different insulation would be more appropriate.

Ground floor
Insulation is commonly a forgotten area for draughts and heat loss. There are different ways of approaching this with differing costs. How often have you felt comfortable but had cold feet.

Windows and doors
Draughts can be eliminated completely with good quality products but at a cost. There are many ways of improving these areas together with sound insulation qualities without spending a fortune.

Heat Recovery
This is a great cost saver and is important in controlling condensation. The units can service just one room or the whole house depending on budget. Some units boast as much as 90% recovery and when installed you never know they are there.

Ceiling Fans
Slow moving, similar to what you may see in the Mediterranean. They help to keep the air moving and give an even distribution of heat and make best use of the heated air but some people consider them ugly.

Central Heating
Before you start spending 8K upwards on putting in a new system consider an up-to-date control system, thermostatic valves, zone valves and clever gizmos to keep limescale to a minimum and magnetite filters that remove iron ferrites and reduce electrolitic action.

Energy Saving
Change your bulbs and install energy monitors before you do anything else. Position the monitor in the Entrance Hall so you see it every time

External Maintenance
Defective gutters/downpipes give rise to dry and wet rot which are all very expensive to repair. Also wet walls mean colder internal cooling surfaces, higher bills and less comfortable rooms. Insulate all external pipes and don’t forget the loft.

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