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Over the many years we have done many types of advertising but never have we reached the dizzy heights of radio advertising! Last year we decided to dabble in it with Heart. We had some fun with our companies splendid history with a little play at recording our own adverts. We pulled together some of Tiffin’s old advertising campaigns and put them into a modern fun context to tell our customers what we can do for them. Have a listen and enjoy…

‘Damp’ radio advert

‘Extension’ radio advert

‘Generic’ radio advert

‘Kitchen’ radio advert

‘Winter’ radio advert


Robert Tiffin took the directors chair while an old client and friend put on his best voice for the male voice recording. The female voice was from one of Heart’s pot of actresses who is very experienced in the field. We worked very closely with Heart to produce the scripts to suit our requirements and what they believed would come across best to their audience. Robert wanted to use the history of the company with the old fashioned names which had been used in the old adverting leaflets and flyers back in the day. Robert also wanted to incorporate humour whilst still telling the audience what Tiffin’s do.

While we had great fun doing these adverts and listening to them they sadly did not pull in the enquiries! We let the campaign run for six months.

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