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There are various aspects to think about when you want to go ahead with an exciting project on your home but here a few words of wisdom to get you thinking…

The price tag…

An essential piece of advice when embarking on a home improvement project is not to be price driven.

Have you heard of the astronaut who is perfectly confident in their spaceship and suit when they know that they have all been sourced by the cheapest supplier?!


Projects are all about client / builder relationships – knowing what is expected of each other is essential to the success of a building project. A clear specification, terms of conditions, programme and communication will result in a good working relationship. 


Also bear in mind that changing your mind and varying work during a project will have a knock on effect to the time period and change the price.

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Combining work…

Energy efficiency is gaining enormous momentum and importance in our lives. When wanting to have work carried out it is sensible to consider this factor and retrofitting at the same time. Having certain work carried out in conjunction as say a new kitchen, will be cost effective in the long run.

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The weather…

Understanding that the weather can have an effect on the time period and schedule of work is so important. Builders cannot control the weather! This is especially true if external work is being carried out, dry weather is often needed.

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Maintenance & repairs…

The weather affects our homes on a daily basis; heavy penetrating and driving rain has a huge effect on homes today. Ingress of water into the brickwork and a lack of building maintenance such as defective gutters, flashings, pointing and poor workmanship in turn both lead to internal damp problems creating cold walls, condensation and the risk of timber decay. So before you modernise internally make sure your building is in tip top condition externally.

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