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With the investor looking for better quality projects and ready to put extra money in for the long term goal, now is the time to buy and invest.

The market is returning and the investor, with the right approach now, will profit massively.  When energy performance certificates were first introduced from 5+ years ago and the housing market was rising the property investor / estate agent and domestic home buyer scoffed at it and said if two similar homes came on the market but with different running costs these costs would have no impact in their choice of property and it is a waste of time – how different is it now!!!!  Particularly in the first time buyer and middle house price market, imagine saving £50 – £100 per month, £400+ on a large house and sometimes more, how will that change the household budget of the average family.

With energy prices soaring 7% last month and it has been widely written in the media in the past 10 years that energy has been too cheap, costs will only keep going up so measures now will only show dividends in future investments.  Likewise, with the integration of feng shui design this has long been known as accepted practice in the Far East bringing harmony and success to the home and business environments.  It is also widely known that 70% of business failures in the Far East have bed feng shui characteristics.  So it is now essential that every conceivable improvement should be considered before buying to either live in it, rent it out or flip it.  This is the dawn of a completely new approach to our home / investments and businesses instead of the big buck, smash and grab mentality in the boom times.

The writing is on the wall so in future we must build in thought and care for our health / community / environment and make them all sustainable for our futures and our descendants.  I am sure this will be one of the major characteristics lenders will be insisting on in the investor market in years to come.  There are millions of flats and houses out there that have been refurbished so badly with defects mostly damp related, brought on by cheap and poor workmanship due to lack of proper investment.

The properties will be the ones lenders will instruct their valuers / surveyors to avoid unless there is evidence of proper refurbishment and repair in the form of photo’s / specifications by professionals.

So now is “Tiffin Time” for the right building advice you can trust.

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